The People of Site C


“My parents separated when I was three years old, and my grandpa took me in. By the time I was five or six, he was out by the trapline in the winter time so I was taking care of myself. I was snaring rabbits and I was killing grouse and I was feeding the horses. One fall, he was out chasing horses and I was on my own. I noticed the kids were all wearing nice clothes, and they said, “Oh, we’re off to school.” I wanted to go to school too, but my grandpa was gone, so I ran home over the creek, found my nicest clothes and I came back and got on the bus. I went to school and was told I couldn’t go in. I couldn’t speak English. I could only speak my language. So the bus driver would come around and he would teach me some words every day. The following fall, I finally went to school. I did all the work myself, and I put myself through school because my grandpa couldn’t speak any English. I would get report cards and just throw them away because my grandpa couldn’t read them. All the things I have achieved in life, I have learned on my own.”